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Mind Over Time
Discover your infinite capabilities. Gain the vital understandings that are necessary to dramatically increase the number and value of your improvements while continually improving your mind power, time control, propensity to improve, and level of happiness. Also! Learn about our two access library passes to all of Doug’s Books and Programs for a $9 research donation. Click here.
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Mind Over Time eBook

Mind Over Time

This book, also often referred to as the textbook of life, is a major breakthrough in our ability to learn and master all things. You will learn new ways of thinking that will lead to forming new habits. All learning curves can be significantly reduced, while masteries are substantially increased. This book opens up great opportunities for improvement in your life and your business or professional practices. It has also resulted in the creation of a great new profession for trainers, consultants, and coaches for organizations.

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Providing solutions to worldwide problems, including poverty and war.

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• Forevermore (Marriage)
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The Mind Over Time Research Foundation continually researches the human brain to discover breakthroughs in positive thinking and improving one's own quality of life! Your donation will help us further our efforts. We will cherish any donation you can provide!

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Northern European Historical Theory  FREE!

Did you know that Christ visited Europe? The greatest cover-up in human history.

Common Sense 2  FREE!

Understandings that keep America free.

#8 World Financial Centers

Plus 7 other free enterprise solutions.
Historical Theory of English Speaking People

Historical Theory of English Speaking People

Did you know that Christ visited northern Europe? Discover the lost history of the Northern European people. As you read this book, backed by thousands of hours of research since 1968, your perception of the world will be elevated. The completed research is planned to be published into a university textbook, but your support is needed to make this happen!

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