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Mind Over Time Facilitators & Affiliates

Mind Over Time is open to viral and social marketing to get our name out there to better help the world! We want to grow, and we need your help to do it. You have an opportunity to participate in helping people grow and change their lives by becoming a Mind Over Time facilitator and affiliate. As a facilitator, you will encourage people to purchase Mind Over Time products. You will earn commission for each item you sell, via a unique coupon code you will be giving out that gives customers $1.00 off their purchase. You won’t actually be reselling products.

As a facilitator & affiliate program is essentially the same as our membership program; you will have complete 24/7 download access to all of the Mind Over Time products, eBooks, and training programs to train yourself and your family.

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Does my affiliate membership expire?
This program is nearly half the cost of unlimited membership program, with the expectation that you make at least 1 affiliate sale per year to keep your membership active. Pretty easy, huh? :-)
Why do I have to purchase the facilitator program?
Your money goes towards giving you full access to all Mind Over Time products, as well as helps fund our research. We encourage affiliates to go through the Mind Over Time training program, read the book, and obtain as much knowledge as you possibly can. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to talk to people who can also benefit from Mind Over Time.
Are refunds accepted if this doesn’t work for me?
Please see our standard return policy for information about refunds.
How are payments made to me?
Payments are made to facilitators and affiliates via PayPal every two weeks. Everyone is on the same 2 week pay period.
How should I best market Mind Over Time?
Go through the Mind Over Time training videos and books. Learn the program, and apply it to your life. This gives you the foundation to speak about how Mind Over Time has changed you. Be creative. Take it to YouTube, post videos about what you’ve learned and encourage people to purchase Mind Over Time using your coupon code. Take it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, broadcast it everywhere you know how. Put up a poster at your favorite running spot for all to see (check with the city for permission first). You can generate a lot of revenue by actively promoting Mind Over Time.

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