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Douglas Warren

Biography of Douglas S. Warren, founder of Mind Over Time and Wiki Improvement

In September 1951, I decided to go to war. Aviation had been of interest to me, so I chose the Air Force, and in September of 1952, I arrived at Kaitue, Korea, where I became the crew chief of a fighter-bomber for the commanding officer of our squadron. On my way there in a troop ship, while suffering a terrible sea sickness, I decided I hated war and would dedicate my life to preventing it. I was just seventeen.

I came from a long line of business people who provided me the experiences of apprenticing with CEOs from the age of twelve.  In this environment, I was encouraged and prepared to pursue a career in business. However, while in the war, I felt that politics was the way to make the greatest contribution.  I decided that politics got us into wars and that it was also the way to get us out of them.

This thinking led to my securing degrees in political science, history, and law.  It also led to involvement in political research and campaigning.  In 1955, upon being released from the service, I immediately ran a congressional campaign, participated in helping a US Senator win, and joined Richard Nixon in his efforts to become Vice President under Eisenhower. My goal was to secure political appointments that would eventually lead to President of the Word Bank.  At that time, I thought this position provided the greatest opportunity to assist developing nations, and to prevent war.

After finishing my college education and having held many positions in the Republican Party, I became very involved in Nixon’s campaign for president.  As part of this involvement I ran for the U.S. House of Representatives.  During this period a very remarkable man became my research assistant.  He spoke eleven languages, could read over twenty-one, and was a very accomplished researcher and historian.  At that time he was a translator for the Pentagon. Upon hearing my concerns with world problems and my plan of action, he decided to help me.

Nixon won the Republican primary nomination, as did I, and we were involved in the general elections.  As the campaign continued, so did the research. It wasn’t long before we found out what most people realize today. The special interest groups dominate the functions of government, causing our political system to function without a conscience. Powerful special interest groups forged an effort to defeat me.  That, along with the fact that there were 2 to1 registered Democrats in my District, brought about my defeat.  Nevertheless, Nixon won, and I was on my way to accepting the political appointments I had sought.  Our research on solving world problems continued.  My research assistant and I formed a pact.  He would continue to do research on how to help cure world problems, and I would try to implement whatever we discovered.

I was to receive the political appointment I was seeking, and the press conference was called where I was to announce my future plans.  As I prepared for the conference, I looked at the world more objectively than I had ever done before.  I could not help but see that the best way to do good in the world was by simply teaching people how to improve quality.  This point of view was supported by what Japan was accomplishing in its efforts to solve its economic problems. They had installed Total Quality Management (TQM), which was a quality initiative created by W. Edwards Deming, a statistics professor at Columbia University. It was developed for the US Defense Department to assure the quality of products for its defense industries during WW II. The positive results of this initiative were dwarfing everything else with respect to economic growth as well as sociological and political advancements.  Nobody was doing more good than Deming and those TQM Consultants who were installing TQM in Japanese companies.  They were turning a nation that had very few natural resources, most of their male population killed off, atomic bombs dropped on two of their major industrial cities, were despised by people throughout the world, and widely known for their poor quality, into one of the leading economic powers and political forces in the world. Even more startling was the sociological benefits that were occurring.  They were producing the foremost educational system, the lowest divorce rate, and one of the lowest drug-abuse and crime rates across the globe. All of this occurred due to the dedication by determined and highly committed quality consultants.

It was 1969 when I entered the lobby of the hotel where my press conference was being held.  I was directed to a waiting room, where I met J.C. Penny, who also awaiting a press conference.  There I asked his advice as to how to best improve the world, and he told me that the best way to improve the world was to improve business. I took his advice, and instead of accepting the position, I told those attending the news conference that my course of action was to pursue a career as a Business Consultant with a focus on quality. Following that news conference, I formed my own firm, which provided business quality consulting and developmental research. Over the years that followed, I established offices in six major cities.  That was followed by a decision to move near a major university, where I could concentrate my time on discovering how the human mind works to produce improvements.  I rightly thought if this could be discovered, we could greatly accelerate the effectiveness of all quality initiatives.

Much time has passed since I began this pursuit, and it has cost me much of my time and resources.  Fortunately, I was able to compile enough information to finally discover how the mind basically works to produce improvements, write a related textbook, conduct classroom studies, create a new and very powerful quality initiative for business as well as government organizations, and conclude related case studies, which proved to be very successful.

I kept going through the process of conducting case studies, publishing my findings in the form of a textbook, creating Perpetual Improvement (a streamlined TQM system which included the discoveries I had made regarding Mind Over Time), developing a website for conveying my discoveries to people and organizations throughout the world, and establishing a quality institute to instruct, certify, and support quality coaches in the implementation of this brand new quality initiative. I formed Improvement Masters International (IMI) as the operating company.  The major purpose of IMI is to establish 1,500 Certified IMI Coaches throughout the United States and several thousand throughout the world. This professional consulting position provides the opportunity to bring about highly significant improvements in our society.

I have now turned seventy-six years old.  It has been a long and sometimes very difficult journey. Yet, it has been a good and a successful one.  I consider myself very fortunate to have discovered these breakthrough understandings in how the human mind works to make improvements, and to produce the books and programs to convey these understandings throughout the world. It has enabled me to accomplish more in the past ten years in every aspect of my life than I did in the previous sixty-six years.  At this point, I expect to accomplish more in the next year than I did in the last five years.  Those of you who become involved in Mind Over Time can look forward to that same level of achievement if not a greater level, no matter at what age you start. Being involved in Mind Over Time integrates highly important processes and principles into your behavior that not only produce greater productivity and quality, but a higher sense of morality.  That change in your behavior also brings about great increases in your level of happiness.

There are five of my publications which have highly significant importance.  These books are entitled Awakening, Mind Over Time, Winds of Freedom, Roots of the Constitution, and The End of War. These books contain information that will greatly improve all aspects of your life and will bring further peace throughout the world.  Of these, Mind Over Time, the textbook on how the human mind works to produce quality and provide happiness, is the most important.

One thing I know for sure, we are all far more capable than we think we are. Such great achievements are seen by many as impossible; nevertheless, greater things than we have yet imagined are in the realm of reality for all of us. In the Mind Over Time textbook and program and in my novel Winds of Freedom, you can examine these. There is one thing that you can always count on, and that is that there always remain new levels of awareness with respect to all things.  If that were not so, we would run out of improvements, eliminating the possibility of happiness. My commitment to you is that I will support those that help in this effort in any way that I can.

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