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Mind Over Time Five Steps to Success

Mind Over Time Five Highly Enjoyable Basic Instructions to Mastering Your Ability to Realize Your Finest thoughts

1st Secure and read the free summary of the lost Northern European Historical Theory available here on this home page. Then personally secure two Library Access Passes that enable you and a person you gift one to down loading of all of Douglas S. Warren’s books available on this website by contributing by contributing only $9.00, (or more if you wish), to complete the necessary documentation of this vital research to create a university textbook and course study on this vital subject.

2nd Personally begin to complete the textbook reading and work assignments on the Mind Over Time Workbook, and commit the recipient of the Mind Over Time Library Pass you gifted to also begin completing the assignments in the
MOT Workbook.

3rd As you complete each assignment in the MOT Workbook, discuss your thoughts and progress with the person you gifted. Continue these discussions until you both have completed all of the assignments in the MOT Workbook.

4th Go to improvementmasterinternational, com, and become al IMI Personal Member and enjoy the ongoing coaching which continually enables you to secure your finest thoughts, accelerate the number and value of your improvements while dramatically improving your mind power, time control, propensity of Improvement, and level of happiness. Your IMI Membership will also continue to provide you with additional ongoing accumulative income from a percentage of the IMI Membership fees paid by the members you help recruit as explained in the next below.

5th Becoming and IMI Personal Member and continue to help others succeed by testifying of the great benefits you have received as as IMI Member. This is easily accomplished online through social media, by phone, and in-person. Simply testifying of the great benefits to their future as an IMI Member, and by sending them to and will greatly help them to succeed at whatever they wish, as well as provide them with the income they require.

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