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My research on human performance began in 1966 when I joined a firm focused on increasing productivity. (Click on Bio.) This led to creating my own quality improvement firm, which eventually established offices in six major cities.

Producing quality is the key to all long term success, and (in that nothing in nature is static) continued improvement is the key to quality. Yet, how the human mind produces quality and how capable it is in do so were not known. This lack of understanding eventually moved me to commit to discovering this essential to maximizing productivity, whatever the cost.

Fifteen years ago I decided to focus my attention on this quest. I put together an outstanding research team dedicated to finding the answers to those questions. The results eventually lead to the creation of a test edition of the Mind Over Time textbook and the Mind Over Time Total Quality Management Program (MOT-TQM).

The five years that followed were then focused on gaining feedback from authorities in the field and conducting case studies in college class rooms and businesses. Other related books, audio programs, manuals, lectures, and a monthly magazine as well as an online training program and this website, were then created to deliver and support the mastery of Mind Over Time and perfect the implementation of MOT-TQM.

The following are actual testimonies of the results of that effort. All respondents were asked three questions. (1) How would you to rate the results on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the most import you have ever received? (2) How did it effect your job performance? (3) How did effect your personal life?

It is important to carefully read these testimonies. They can be the beginning of a wonderful journey that will greatly increase your mind power, time control, and propensity to improve while consistently improving your level of happiness. If you are involved in a business, government, or athletic organization, it could well be a major step in a journey that will lead you to the realization of your finest thoughts.

First read what Bob Thele says about it. Bob is one of the world’s foremost authorities on human development. His very powerful endorsement of Mind Over Time will hopefully move you to pay close attention to the case study testimonies that follow.



Former CEO, Covey Leadership Center

This is a world-changing book. Its impact will be felt around the globe. As leaders of nations and those in industry read this book, they will feel compelled to convey to their people the understanding they gain. I see it improving the way populations of entire countries elevate themselves and their industries. Mind Over Time is a discovery that will change our entire world.

I have been a fervent reader of human development books for over forty years and have been president and CEO of one of the most successful companies in that field as well as other companies that were leaders in their field. Human development is my passion, and I have helped publish a number of books related to that subject. Some have been best-sellers.

What subjects are more important than our mind and our time? They are our most prized possessions. We all need to know how our mind can work effectively to provide the very most wonderful life we can envision and extend our lives as long as we can. This book provides that answer.

It has the promise of seeing us through our greatest adversities and helping us realize our finest thoughts.



Kim Bests of Best Woods

I am Kim Best, president of Best Woods. Perpetual Improvement has been incredible for us, it has done very good things for our company. Since we began the installation of Perpetual Improvement we have increased our ability to get more things done and have improved our state of mind in general. It has fit perfectly with the direction we have sought to go and has provided a format that has allowed us to continue to improve. Our customers continue to be better served.

Perpetual Improvement has also meant a lot to us personally. It has made a lot of difference to me, the personal growth it provides is almost as important as what it has done for the company. It has been a blessing to my life and my family’s life, even more that to the company benefits have been awesome.

On a scale of one to ten, I rate it a ten, definitely. It is a beautiful program that provides wonderful training; I highly recommend it.



Janet Westenskow of Best Woods

I am VP of Best Woods. My name is Janet Westenskow. Perpetual Improvement has had a great impact on us. It has helped our managers become better leaders, inspired our work environment, helped us to focus on improvements and to overcome obstacles to improve the quality of what we produce. We are finding better solutions to our problems and become much more productive with our time.

It has also helped me to improve my life and better schedule myself.

On a scale of one to ten it has the potential of being a ten. It has been a good thing for us.



Fred Tuttle of Total Computing Solutions

My name is Fred Tuttle. I am the president and founder of Total Computing Solutions. In 1999 I hired a company out of Chicago to evaluate my company and give us the tools to become more profitable. I spent tens of thousands of dollars and three months of time and their final product was a set of spreadsheets to analyze my accounts receivable and accounts payable. The time and money we have spent on installing Perpetual Improvement has been relatively insignificant and the results to date have provided many times overt the costs and we’ll continue to do so.

Moreover, since we started this program I have been overwhelmed by the positive power and impact on my company, my employees, and myself. It has constantly encouraged us to improve, increased our profitability and sends us home at the end of the day feeling we have accomplished what we should.

Personally it has given me more time with my family.

On a one to ten scale honestly I cannot rate it a ten, but I cannot see how it could be much better. So I would have to give it a 9.9.



Jeff Fisk of J. Fisk Design

My name is Jeff Fisk. I am the owner of J. Fisk Designs, a home designing firm. What Perpetual Improvement is doing for us is bringing us into the twenty-first century, allowing us to handle our client’s needs with much greater ability. It has accelerated our improvement in every area and we are much happier here in our work place.

In my personal life it has helped me to see ways to make my family a happier one.

If I had to rate perpetual improvement, I would say it is a nine, but from what I have seen so far in the future it will be a ten.



Michelle Jensen of Flexible Molding International

I am Michelle Jensen, I am the office manager for Flexible Molding International. Perpetual Improvement is a program that encompasses all aspects of what you need to grow. Personally and in business it addresses everything. It presents ways to break through the barriers, which have limited our business and ourselves throughout our lives.

It teaches you how to organize your thoughts and to put them into a process that will improve your company and your life.

I would rate this a nine on a one to ten scale.

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