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My research on human performance began in 1966 when I joined a firm focused on increasing productivity. (Click on Bio.) This led to creating my own quality improvement firm, which eventually established offices in six major cities.

Producing quality is the key to all long term success, and (in that nothing in nature is static) continued improvement is the key to quality. Yet, how the human mind produces quality and how capable it is in do so were not known. This lack of understanding eventually moved me to commit to discovering this essential to maximizing productivity, whatever the cost.

Fifteen years ago I decided to focus my attention on this quest. I put together an outstanding research team dedicated to finding the answers to those questions. The results eventually lead to the creation of a test edition of the Mind Over Time textbook and the Mind Over Time Total Quality Management Program (MOT-TQM).

The five years that followed were then focused on gaining feedback from authorities in the field and conducting case studies in college class rooms and businesses. Other related books, audio programs, manuals, lectures, and a monthly magazine as well as an online training program and this website, were then created to deliver and support the mastery of Mind Over Time and perfect the implementation of MOT-TQM.

The following are actual testimonies of the results of that effort. All respondents were asked three questions. (1) How would you to rate the results on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the most import you have ever received? (2) How did it effect your job performance? (3) How did effect your personal life?

It is important to carefully read these testimonies. They can be the beginning of a wonderful journey that will greatly increase your mind power, time control, and propensity to improve while consistently improving your level of happiness. If you are involved in a business, government, or athletic organization, it could well be a major step in a journey that will lead you to the realization of your finest thoughts.

First read what Bob Thele says about it. Bob is one of the world’s foremost authorities on human development. His very powerful endorsement of Mind Over Time will hopefully move you to pay close attention to the case study testimonies of Mind Over Time.