Your participation in The Quest will provide your real happiness, and you will become a true hero.

We are all designed to be successful and happy and indeed should be. In becoming so it is helpful, perhaps necessary to assure this, and remain so, by discovering some vital truths. What you will find here will begin not only to provide those discoveries, but you will discover a program that will eternalize how to use them, and be able to master them as you help others to do so.  

So continue on by participating in the very delightful nature walk that follows. That will  immediately get you started. You are certain to enjoy yourself along the way as you find some of those most important discoveries that provide success in all things, in fact set you free. By doing so you will begin the process of substantially and continually increasing your mind power, time control, propensity to improve, and your level of happiness, while learning how to realize your finest thoughts, and you will become a happy hero of your life rather than a sad victim of it. You will also find out how you can help others to do so, which will add to your prosperity and sense of accomplishment, while in the process of participating in implementing a solution to ending poverty and war.


Reading The Quest Presentation and initially taking its Progress Measurement Surveys will send you on your way to successfully  participate in becoming a real life hero by completing each Assignment below. Then by regularly taking this survey you will discover the very significant  progress you will be making as you proceed in understanding the truths provided here. In the process you will discover the essential truths necessary for a highly worthwhile life, even essential to realize all the good things you can conceive and even destined to achieve. As you so continue on with completing the Assignments that follow, you will be encouraging yourself to proceed with the mastery of those truths, which will strengthen your mind power, increase your time control and propensity to improve, while considerably elevating your  level of happiness, as you become capable of conceiving and realizing  your finest thought. Your next step will be to receive Initial Orientation training by your recruiter or your supervisor if you are sponsored by an organization.


       Truth Principles of Personal Achievement (PPA)

Essential  discoveries are now available by completing the following Assignments:

We are much more than we think we are, In fact our finest thoughts await us. All of the good things that we can conceive we can achieve. That in fact only requires understanding truths that are the keys to opening ways to realizing those good things that in fact  comprise your true destiny. Those discoveries are available here by the aid of your Recruiter or Supervisors as they assist you individually in their efforts to complete the following Assignments as described and then listed below

Note: Your recruiter is the person who personally registered you in The Quest and is obligated to provide your initial orientation training. Your Supervisor is appointed by the organization, which elected to participate in The Quest, and is responsible for providing your initial orientation training.

First Day  Supervisor or Recruiter Introduction

  • The Quest’s Overview Presentation  

  • Secure Positive Impressions, and Agreement on End Results

  • Analyses Resume and Job Comparisons

  • Complete Introductory Survey and Analyses

  • Analize Job Comparisons and Rate on 1 to 10 Scale

  • Training Recommendations, Scheduling, Cost Estimates, and Time Analysis, Secure Commitment to End Results

First Week Supervisor or Recruiter Training

  • Read Awakening and One start reading Mind Over Time self help books

  • Begin Repetitive Viewing and Analysis of Third Nature Walk

  • Job Description Orientation 

  • Basic Job Training and Scheduling

  • Quality Improvement Process Orientation

  • Quality Improvement Team (QIT) Introductions

Second Week Supervisor or Recruiter Training 

  • Provide Basic On=Job Training

  • Establish Three Person Quality Improvement Team

  • Begin PPA Introductory Assignments 

  • Instructions on Creating  A Personal Creed

Third Week Instructions by Supervisor or Recruiter as follows:

  • Begin Reading Three Steps to Heaven an uplifting book

  • Begin Listening to PPA Weekly Assignments

  • Begin to Attend and Participate in Weekly QITs  (by having discussions about the highs and lows of the past week and discovering solutions to the lows that eliminate them and the causes of highs that  integrate their causes into your Job Descriptions of the participants. Those that they can not be so resolved are then referred to the Chief Quality Officer to resolve. Following  these discussion each QIT participant  provides a three minute presentation on the PPA Principle assigned at the previous meeting,  These presentation cover three subjects: (1) a description of the principle, (2) an example as to how it has worked, (3) how iit should be integrated into their Job Descriptions and Personal Creeds.

On-going  Instructions and Assignments by Supervisor or Recruiter

Continue to read and listen to assigned books as follows and work the principles of the PPA into your Job Description and Personal Creed and read or listen to them at least each week as they collectively begin to describe your destiny, and take the Progress Measurement  Survey 

at the end of each month to measure your achievements .

                                                        List of Assignments  

Personal participants and Three Person Quality Improvement Team (QIT) participants receive the following Assignments, which comprise all of the Books and Programs  Available Now on this website. Completing each of these Assignments will add to your mind power, time control, propensity to improve, and level of happiness, while conceiving and realizing your finest thoughts.

First Assignment - Read 

(a) Awakening

(b) ONE, and experience the Nature Walk 

(c) Mind Over Time  

These are very short articles that you will find here on .com and should be immediately placed on your cell phone. You should then immediately start to study  the university textbook on improvement. (d) Mind Over Time. This textbook should be carefully studied. It provides the essential keys to success. It contains information that  will quickly awaken you to the great possibilities that await you as a  participant in. Those  discoveries are available by Completing the Following Assignments.

Essential Note: All of the articles, books, and programs  provided to complete the Assignments should be put onto your cell phone.for easy viewing, listening, and reading.

As should all of the other  books and programs be placed in order on your cell phone so the critical information they contain can most conveniently be conveyed to you. They initially and conveniently comprise the science of improvement, which then enables you and motivates you to master the art of improvement.  

Science is the order of things and is quickly understood, while mastering the art is forever. That requires continuous happiness, which you can continuously provide yourself simply by improving things and being grateful as you do that releases the chemicals continued in your brain that provide happiness. That then brings about what can be called an addiction to improvement. You become a spontaneous improver and perpetually happy person. So you do not require people to give you things or  even treat you well to make you happy.You are continuously generating your own happiness, and thereby you like and appreciate yourself better.

All participants are also encouraged to participate in the biweekly  Textcast, whereby they can text questions and receive answers, make comments, and provide testimonies as to their progress. These are then text out to all other participants every two weeks on the first and fifteenth of each month.

Second Assignment

Read books

(d) Creeds a booklet and begin to read and study creeds of others 

(f) Mind Over Time the university textbook on improvement, and continue to read this book 

(g) Principles of Personal Achievement (PPA) an audio spaced repetition program. 

They provide the essential keys to success in all you do and continue to do. As you further awaken yourself by reading and listening to these you should begin to conceive what specific contributions (your finest thoughts) you wish to make in your life and specifically the time ahead as a participant in the mastery of the principles provided. As you proceed 

(1) you should make a personal commitment to realize those contributions. 

(2) As prompted as to what you should do day by day, which naturally

     occurs, act on those promptings as soon as possible.  

(3) Be grateful as you progress no matter what results you are receiving.  

(4) Enjoy the consistant happiness from doing so and being grateful for

      doing so, which you are absolutely sure to experience. 

(5) Begin to study the university textbook on improvement Mind Over Time. 

This textbook should be carefully studied. It provides the essential keys to success. Also start listening to the PPA, which comprises  the results of  research on the principles of success going back over a hundred years and case study tested by hundreds of individuals and organizations in classrooms and organizations over the past 50 years. Simply by consecutive relistening to each of the principles as it instructs will integrate these essential principles for success into your automatic action.

Third Assignment: Carefully read the highly uplifting book

(h) Three Steps to Heaven that will act as a guide to enjoying a wonderful life and a great hereafter.

Fourth Assignment: Carefully rewrite, study and consider the instructions provided in the article © Mind Over Time Nature Walk, which will place you in a very powerful position to realize your finest thoughts.

Fifth Assignment:  At this point It will serve you well to seriously consider a critical history, (i) Theoretical History of Northern Europe. It will have a very imperative effect on your perception of the truly great advancements over many many years especially by England and America. 

Sixth Assignment :Read the (J) Winds Of Freedom, which will further awaken you as to why and how we are as we are today. This wonderful historical romantic fun to read novel provides key understandings and possibilities no matter what conditions you may now be subject to.

(e) The End of Harmful Addictions and Depression, and 

(o) Common Sense, truths that provide freedom, and 

(p) Selling Yourself and  Ideas, a key to success. Each of these will add to your mind power, time control, propensity to improve, and level of happiness as they help you to conceive and realize your finest thoughts.Your regrets fade away as they  turn into ways to improve and are stepping stones in mastering the art of consistently applying improvement



These are MOT+TQM  business related Assignments. (1st) The organization and  control principles provided by The  Management and Executive Development, a powerful audio spaced repetition program,  (2)  Team Management by Objective an audio spaced reception programs, which  will integrate key aspects of business operations  into you business, and (3) By-weekly MOT+TQM  Q and A Podcast  necessary to create world class businesses . The principles provided in these Assignments are the result of over 60 years of research and development. Also included are  (4)) Creating and Operating Quality Improvement Teams (QITs), which continually assure  the most successful operations, and (5th)  BeA*AHERO Job Description and Associated Creeds, which are essential to mastering the ongoing-art of providing world class products and services  and occupational happiness as you are forever improving, and (5th) the MOT=TQM Measuring Surveys that measures.the progress of implementing  the MOT+TQM survey, (5th) continually improving all  personnel instituting by providing them with the Principles Of Personal Improvement an audio spaced repetition program that helps integrate the essential principles necessary to produce world class products as part of a natural work group and cross section Seventh Assignment: Let the spirit guide you as you  read the 

(k) Three Steps To Heaven. 

Then go on to read the other books found on this website, which I encorage you to read include: 

(l) The End of War, (m) Forevermore, an eternal perception of marriage, 

(n) Running After Fifty. 

onal Three Person Quality Improvement Taams, (QIT)   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   MEASURING YOUR  IMPROVEMENT OF THE KEY SECRETS TO


Begin on a constructive note: All things are measurable and should be measured according to J. Edwards Demng who created Total Quality Management (TQM). It allows you to measure the great progress you will experience as you enjoy increasing your mind power, time control, propensity to improve and level of happiness, as well as your ability to conceive and realize your finest thoughts. Simply find and take the  Personal Improvement Surveys found on this website before and after you complete each.     

  Improving Nations By Improving Their People, as they

 Improve Their Business  Organizations and Operations


The worldwide distribution of MOT+TQM’s encompases participating  individuals and businesses.  Both by helping to secure new BeAHERO participants are highly rewarded financially and build great lagusies. The fee for individual participation is $150 plus $25 per month or $300 and $50 per month for Three Person Quality Improvement Teams (QITs), which participants are encouraged to form. The fees for business participants, which then provide  free to all of their personnel is $3,500 plus $15. per month for each of their personnel. All participants are then eligible to help secure new participants. The participant that secures these new participants receive 50% of these fees for all they then secure. All participants are encouraged to pay these fees for other individuals and businesses. Thereby. They create great legacies with businesses and individuals they Those  discoveries are available by Completing the Following Assignments

so contribute. In this way businesses secure positive binding relationships with their customers, associates, and clients and individually with their family members, friends, and other key relationships. So it is that those that are so secure participants can receive ongoing added income, while creating great lagusies. Financial organizations are encouraged to provide these fees for all of the business and professional practices throughout their nation, which then creates a great lasting legacy throughout their nation. This amounts to providing a tremendously valuable ongoing public relations program that has a major effect on ending poverty and the prospects of war as it supports free enterprise nationwide. It amounts to a clearly effective way to ward off socialism, which  fosters dictatorships and  causes poverty and wars as it provides income for helping increase the  mind power, time control, propensity to improve, and level of happiness of all participants, while conceiving and realizing their finest thoughts for people throughout their nation.


Begin Here and Now!

Begin here by reading, viewing,  and listening to this  Presentation by Douglas S. Warren that follows, which will in of itself increase your productivity and level of happiness.

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Enter your FAQ answer here. Be thoughtful, write clearly and consider adding a visual to elaborate or add engagement. Check what you’ve written to make sure that it’s easy to understand for all visitors.